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About Us

We started off with the hobby of having cats as our fur babies. It starts from having one cat into three little stooges. All three of them are part of the domestic long hair cat breed. Due to our interest in long hair cats, we tried to explore and gains knowledge on how to maintain our cats beauty by learning the correct way to groom the fur babies from a certified professional pet groomer.  


Little by little, we learned the knowledge of cat handling skills in maintaining the cats especially for long hair ones. Some said that if we have the knowledge and know how to care for the cats with long hair, we can handle other breeds as well. 


The end of the year 2019 is our starting point in which we focus more on increasing our knowledge in grooming and handling cat skills as we had decided to close down our prior business to focus on the cats well being.

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We started Fluffy Land in the year of 2020 during the time where our world is facing the Covid 19 pandemic and our country was in the MCO phase. With the mission to provide the customers with pet supplies exclusively for cats and in efforts of providing the job opportunities in the market when the unemployment rate was rising, Fluffy Land started the operation in Cyberjaya, Selangor. We initially started with retail services of cat foods and cat accessories for our customers. Then, Fluffy Land grows the business scopes by offering the grooming services for our beloved cat babies. Afterwards, during the time where our country was recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, Fluffy Land begins to offer the customers with the boarding facilities at our shop to ease up the local community to boarding up their cats worry free when they were travelling and spend time with their loved ones away from their home.

Nowadays, in the year of 2022, Fluffy Land is offering variety of grooming services to our customers. We also provide our customers  with different types of cat hotel rooms for their selection of choice according to their budget and preferences for the cat boarding services.


As Fluffy Land only focuses on cats, it is easier for our staff to focus on ensuring our furry customers that coming for our grooming and boarding services are in a good and safe environment. We also enjoy the opportunities to meet up with the owners which are also cat lovers like us.


Cat grooming is a passion for us and we promise to treat your cat with love and respect at all times.


Fluffy Land Cat Shop

E-G-35, BIZ AVENUE 2 NEOCYBER, BLOCK E, Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor


Telephone Number        : 0195228917

Whatsapp                          : 0195228917

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